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Windows Server 2003 includes all the functionality customers expect from a mission critical Windows Server operating system, such as security, reliability, availability, and scalability. In addition, Microsoft has improved and extended the Windows server product family to enable organizations to experience the benefits of Microsoft .NET—a set of software for connecting information, people, systems, and devices.

This tutorial will explain how to create a first domain controller(DC) in your network or company includes DNS server setup in windows server 2003 .You have to install DNS server for DC without DNS the client computers wouldn’t know which one is DC.You can host DNS on a different server than DC.

Before Starting the DC installation process you need to make sure the following points

  • You have installed Basic windows server 2003 installation
  • Make sure you have assigned a static ip address to your server

Now start DC and DNS Setup process

First you need to go to Start–>All Programs–>Administrative Tools–>Manage Your Server

Here you need to select Add or remove a role

Verify the following steps click on Next

Select Server Role as Domain Controller option click on Next

Summary of Your Selections click on Next

Active Directory Installation Wizard click on Next

Click “Next” on the compatibility window

Next window select the default option of “Domain Controller for a new domain” and click “Next”

In this tutorial we will create a domain in a new forest, because it is the first DC, so keep that option selected

Now we have to think of a name for our domain. If you have a domain like windowsreference.com”, you can use it, but it isn’t suggested because computers nside of your domain may not be able to reach the company website. Active directory domains don’t need to be “real” domains like the one above – they can be anything you wish. So i will create “windowsreference.int”.

Now in order to keep things simple, we will use “windowsreferenc”, which is the default selection, as the NetBIOS name of the domain.

The next dialog suggests storing the AD database and log on separate hard disks and you can just leave the default settings.

The SYSVOL folder is a public share, where things like .MSI software packages can be kept when you will distribute packages and you can just leave the default settings or you can change the path.

Next Screen basically says that you will need a DNS server in order for everything to work the way we want it (i.e., our “windowsreference.int” to be reachable).we will install the DNS server on this machine or if you want you can installed else where select “Install and Configure…” and click next.

Here you need to select the permissions for win 2000 or win 2003 server if you have any NT4 select first option otherwise select second option and click next

The restore mode password is the single password that all administrators hope to never use, however they should also never forget it because this is the single password that might save a failed server.click next

Now we will see a summary of what will happen click next

Active directory installation process started this can take several minutes. It’s likely that you will be prompted for your Windows Server 2003 CD (for DNS) so have it handy.

Active directory Installation finish screen click Finish.

Now you need to select “Restart Now” option to reboot your server.

After rebooting you can see new option for logon

After logging in you can see similar to the following screen saying your server is now domain controller.

That’s it now your server is configured as domain controller and DNS server.

If you want Step by step guide how to install windows server 2003 check here

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  1. Thank you very much for the tutorial,this the first time try to setup windows 2003 server with exchange 2003,how i can get the emails forwards from my real internet domain to my 2003 server and the users can send and recieve using exchage 2003,

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  14. i downloaded and installed microsoft virtual PC along w/ multiple running vhd’s of win server 2003 and winxp – i am using the setup @ home to study for the classes I am taking @ community college. your tutorials have really helped me, as they are clear, concise, and I can use them to study/practice at my own pace.

    thank you very much!

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  23. Hi
    I need some help, I have window 2008 server installed in my server, and then I have two other computer with window 7 on each of them.
    I installed active directly on the server, and I add the client computer name to the active directly and user name.
    But i am unable to connect to the server, could you send me step by step information how i will install the active directly on the server and what i have to do on client computer.
    Notable : all three computers are connected to the router wirelessly

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  25. I am currently studying for the MCDST and MCSE certs, and want to set up a domain at my house to practice on, my current network setup is:

    1 Cable modem wired to an apple N router, then i have an apple G router wired into the N router.

    as far as computers/printers:

    I have a G5 connecting to the N router through wireless, as well as a printer Wired to the N router, as well as an XP pro machine wired to the N router.

    I then have a Windows 7 laptop connecting to the G router through wireless

    The laptop and xp machine are currently networked using a workgroup

    I plan on picking up another machine to run server 2003 to use as a domain controller and dns server. What I need to know is where to hook the planned Domain Controller, and whether it will conflict with the existing network, I still need to be able to share the printer to the G5 and all the other computers.

    I also have another D-link router that I can hook up if I need to.

    I want the XP machine and the 7 laptop to connect to the domain to help me practice for the tests. I hope that I have explained this well enough, and I might be over complicating it in my mind.

    Here is a visual map of my current network:


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  38. The configuration of active directory is correct but on the DNS side it seems there’s a problem on it. you will encounter error on your domain controller once you join a computer in to your domain. please show also the configuration of DNS. DNS and domain controller should communicate each other.

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  40. Hello can someone please help me! I am trying to learn how to use Windows Server 2003. Can someone guide me to any matrials that I can use to implement the server and add computers to the server.. I am in process of learning to administrate the server…Thanks.

    I have a business critical situation at the moment and it appears that no solution given works.
    Thusly, I’m on your forum.
    Running windows server 2k3 R2 Standard edition with SP2.
    There was a power outage and since then, there is error code 0xc00002e1 everytime you get to the login screen. It also states to restart and enter into system restore.
    I have done this, but either the error code remains, or under system restore, certain files are locked.
    I am logged in as admin, but still cannot access many important file.
    The microsoft forum advice was no help, so I hope someone out there may have a solution I can try.
    Thanks in advance tekky friends!


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    How to configure “RDP” server Suggestion me
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    Mukesh Sharma

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    If it is possible so please give me complete detail guidance.
    thanks for your time.

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