Oct 272010

QFX software develops the Key Scrambler software Windows which protects from the keylogging security issues. The Professional and Premium software are a complete feature rich software versions which are commercial and not free. However, they do have a free personal edition which protects on your Internet Explorer, Firefox and Flock browsers. Unfortunaltely, Key Scrambler supports Google Chrome browser only on its commercial editions. Can’t understand how it is different from its competing browsers.
Key Scrambler is simple and almost requires a zero effort from the user once installed. Once installed, launch a browser and soon as you start typing, you can see a small window on top left side of the browser showing the scrambled key strokes to what you have typed on the browser give you the confidence that it works and you are protected from one type of a security issue.
The addon works on Internet Explorer 9 Beta as well as the IE 8. The installation requires a reboot which is not particularly of my liking for a simple and didn’t install on Firefox on its own. Have to go to File – Open File and choose the keyscrambler.xpi file from c:\program files\keyScrambler\ directory.
Click here to download KeyScrambler personal edition software.

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