May 122009

Would you compromise security for convenience? Hope not!!!

With Password Safe, you neither have to compromise security by writing you confidential information like Bank Account login details onto a piece of paper or copy them all onto an Excel sheet or even on a notepad nor have to make it complex to remember a million usernames and passwords. Yes, Password Safe as the name implies is a simple secure and very effective Password store (Database) where you can conveniently store username and password details for just anything and can even group them as you wish for easy access.

Password Safe uses Twofish encryption algorithm. When you install Password Safe and launch it for the first time, you need to create a New database and set an encryption key (Safe Key combination) and this you should remember always. The lenthier, complex the key is, the lesser is the chance for anyone to break it.  A good advice would be to use a Pass Phrase (like a line from your favorite song) with mix of number or symbols.
Once the database is created, click Edit – Add Entry to add your groups, Password entries etc.


The Manage – options menu will help you setup/customize Password Safe as you wish. This includes, password policies, database backups etc.


Password Safe is very useful as I find it. Click here to download the latest stable version of Password Safe.

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  2 Responses to “Password Safe – Secure Encrypted Password Store in Windows”

  1. Is there a Windows 7 – 64bit compatible version of Password Safe available? When I try to install v3.20 it tells me that pwsafe-3.20.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

  2. Even i am facing the same issue, after more than 2 years of this issue identified by Mark. Is there some alternative installer or solution to this.

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