Jun 242009

One needs to understand the big security risks when sending confidential files on emails or infact transferring over the internet because, unless you encrypt your emails or send files through secure channel (HTTPS or SSH) there is every little chance a preying over the internet can intercept and extract information of your files. While encrypting whole email works, where it can’t be affored an alternate would be to ZIP archive the files with encryption. And, for that SecureZip is the ideal tool to do.

SecureZip Express” is a free version of a more feature rich version of SecureZip commercial version from PKWare. But, to me SecureZip is feature rich enough for the purpose. The ease with which you can get up and running with the software, generating certificates and ready to go makes it really special.

Another interesting feature is that while you can passphrase encryption, you can use emails of users who have SecureZip installed and certificate generated. All it needs is they too have to install SecureZip and generate certificates just as you did. So, both your public certificates are registered online while you hold the secret Private key with yourself.

This means when they encrypt a file to send to you, they search your email from with SecureZip and use that public certificate to encrypt the file. Once done, send it through, FTP, email or whatever to you. When you receive the file, you have the private key for this encrypted file signed with your public certificate. This applies vice versa when you send encrypted files (signed with their public certificate)
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This is a good to have rather a nice to have tool. There is the obvivous trouble in getting your friends, collegues, customers, partners or anyone to signup for this but once done,everyone is safe and secure online.

Click here to download SecureZip Express.SecureZip Express works on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.

You need to register your email to receive the email with the download file. Once done, and the installation compeltes, you are taken through a wizard to generate your certificates and register it online with COMODO. Again, this processes triggers another emai with a Verification code which is required to generate the public certificate as this is your Privatekey. You can choose to save your Private key safely elsewhere to restore lateron. Remember to save the private key verification code as well.

For more info, click here to visit PKWare website.

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