Apr 092008

Recently I wrote about taking control of your Internet browsing using Firefox and BlockSite add-on. Blocksite basically picked up one of those features that some other add-on missed.

Yes, “Adblock Plus” is an addon which blocks all those ads, banners etc that loads on website which can slow down the performance. One of those features it missed as I said earlier was blocking specific website which do not want to be in.

Adblock Plus works in Firefox 1.x,2.x and the new Firefox 3.0 (still in beta).

To install the add-on, open Firefox and visit the following website and click “Add to Firefox”


Once, installed restart firefox for changes to take effect. Once restarted, click Tools-Options and enable the Add-on. The Add-on should work out of the box and no changes are necessary to the filter options. But, if you wish to do so, you are more than free to customise.

Adblock Plus - Addon for firefox to block ads and banners

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  One Response to “Adblock Plus – Firefox addon to block Ads and banners on Website”

  1. Hi,

    The plug in works perfectly with blocking ads.

    Unfortunately, uninstalling unblock plus won’t allow to reinstate your pc to were Ads shows up.

    And till this moment I am trying to get some tip on how to fix this issue.

    Hope anyone can give me tips on how to fix this.


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