Oct 262009

Click&Clean is a 1-click cleanup addon for your Firefox or Google Chrome browser (Latest Developer Builds of Chrome 4.0+) and a also useful plugin to the famous ccleaner utility. The Addons and CCleaner plugin utility all as come as seperate downloads for the respective product.

While it is a 1-click cleanup utility, the advanced feature which allows you to run an external cleanup utility like CCleaner, WiseDiskCleaner, FCleaner etc makes all the difference. The good news doesn’t stop there, you can pass arguments to the utility (if it supports) that does specific tasks. For instance, to run ccleaner as an external utility and along with it pass the argument “cc/auto” which will start CCleaner and run it in the background. For more options, click here

Click&Clean works on Firefox 2.0-3.5 versions and Google Chrome 4.0+ latestDev builds and all Windows operating Systems from XP to Windows 7.


To install on Firefox, click here to view/accept the license and install the Firefox Addon.

Click here to add to Google Chrome (4.0+ dev version only)

As for the Windows utility, click here to download the plugin. (Requires CCleaner pre-installed)

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  2 Responses to “Click&Clean utility to clean your system, Firefox, Google Chrome”

  1. Good utility. I use it all the time, really easy and fast cleaning.

  2. I like it !

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