Oct 232009

While at the first look, it didn’t seem to be of much help but when you install and use it, “Morning Coffee” soon becomes to be a must have addon on Firefox.

Morning Coffee helps you to organise the websites you regularly visit and open them everytime the browser starts. That seems to be a bit of an extension to the multiple homepage feature in the browser. However what makes it interesting is the fact that you can organise these by days of the week as well as collection of days. This is quite useful if there are websites where there are regular updates on specific days of the week (like a weekly news magazine).



The Roadmap shows, the developers are looking at organising by times of a day as well. That would be a great enhancement atleast for me.

Also available are the features like open the “Morning Coffee” websites instead of the homepage. This could be useful if they introduced an option to do it only once in a day (say first time Firefox is started) otherwise this soon can turn into an annoyance.

Morning Coffee works in Firefox 2.0b1 to 3.5. Click here to install Morning Coffee.

Once installed, you nice little coffee cup appears next to the address bar. Simply, configure Morning Coffee with  your sites for the days.

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