Mar 082008

Firefox Throttle is a small plug-in for your favourite Web Browser, that allows you to cap download/upload rates and monitor current bandwidth utilization.


Limit download and upload rates for all open Firefox windows/tabs and downloads

Bursting mode (allow short rate “bursting” after inactivity)

Preset and custom limits

Exclude lists for IP addresses and domains that should not be throttled

Automatically excluded LAN IPs

Traffic stats (for current session and historic since last reset)

Status panel with current bandwidth utilization indicators (or traffic counters)

Quick throttling on/off toggle on status panel

English and Russian User Interface

Possible use

By Web Masters – to monitor real page weights, page load times at different connections speeds, etc.

By small offices with simple network configuration/router – to limit/prevent shared internet connection bandwidth hogging by some individuals

Download Firefox Throttle from here


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