Sep 282008

FireTune is a free tiny utility to improve performance on your Firefox browser. Firetune is simple easy and very efficient in doing one thing that is to make your Firefox browser faster, optimize for better performance.

Some of the features include,

Speed improvements according to your computer speed
Improves browsing speed according to your internet connection speed
Speed improvements for slow, medium and fast computers / connection speeds
Enables some hidden tweaks of Firefox for even more browsing speed
Includes a configuration backup and restore function
Optimizes SSL connection speed
Optimizes Firefox memory usage
Works with the installable and the portable version of Firefox
Multi language user interface: includes language files for more than 30 languages
Online update check – notifies you when a new version is available
Backup and Restore firefox configurations

FireTune supports all versions of Firefox and there is no installation necessary, simply download and unzip the files from here and run the Executable (firetune.exe). Close all Firefox sessions before running the optimization. When you launch FireTune, you can see the very simple tuning options based on your computer speed and the speed of the internet connection you think you have.

FireTune splash screen

FireTune based on pc/internet speed

Advanced optimzation like performance tweaks and the SSL caching can be found under Other Optimizations.

Optimize SSL and performance

To optimize Firefox memory usage and to enable autocomplete of URLs, click the “Other useful settings” tab. once, you have choosen all your settings, click “Tune It”

Firefox caching and memory fine tune

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