Oct 302009

My Firefox Addon today is something that doesn’t need too much of an introduction for avid Firefox users. It’s Grease Monkey Firefox addon. The Grease Monkey Firefox addon allows Firefox users to customise the way a website is displayed or it functions.

Grease Monkey basically uses tiny Javascripts that either you choose to write youself or simply pick and use the ones from the 100s of scripts contributed by the community from here.

While the question arises about going this extent to customise a website which you view/use, it certainly makes sense for you to choose to view the website the way you want to and with a community contributing, I would ask why not??

Let’s look at a couple of scripts for instance and you can understand the power of this simple addon.

1. Dell download manager Antigen

If you have a Dell PC, laptop, mouse, printer … well just anything that needs a driver downloaded from Dell then you would appreciate this script. It deactivates the javascript function on the website which starts the downloadmanager and simply opens a prompt with the link to the download the actual EXE file so you can easy copy it to your clipboard and download it directly from a browser or a Download Manager you are familiar with.

2. Facebook Purity

This is amazing! again you would appreciate if you are a Facebook addict (or should I say user??)

It removes all messages posted by applications like quizzes etc written by external application developers onto your homepage. That effectively means removes almost all spam of your Facebook homepage.

To browse a list of all scripts and the famous ones, click here

Click here to install the Greasemonkey addon to your Firefox browser. It works on Firefox 1.5 – 3.5

Once installed, to install scripts like the ones above, go to the script home and click Install button on the top. That should take care of it.

Click here to visit the project home.

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