Mar 262008

Homepage is the one that open by default when you open your Firefox browser. This launches your preferred website right at the start without having to type in the URL.

Let’s take it one step forward and open multiple website at the start. So it is Multiple Homepage each on an individual tab on the Firefox browser. And, the procedure, is as simple as it is for a single Home page.

To open multiple homepage at the Firefox Browser startup:

1. Open the Firefox browser, click Tools and Options.

2. In the Main tab, under startup there is a box to enter the Home Page. Simply, add the multiple homepages in the same line seperated by a “|”.

Multiple Home Page Settings
3. For instance, if you want to open then the line should read as follows:||

4. Click OK. The next time you restart your browser, you should see all the websites launched in a seperate tab.

Multiple Home Pages

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  1. anyone, any idea how to startup with both my last session and the home page(s)? i tried putting a sessionstore.js in the home page list, but it won’t open up the session. anyone know the correct lines to put in to make the session open up along with the home tab?

    this does NOT work:|C:\Documents and Settings\logon\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\1fdy184c.default\sessionstore.js

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