Dec 202009

IE Tab is a simple but can be a powerful add-on for Firefox browser. Basically, it allows you to open a Website or a URL who can under a new tab but as if it is opened in Internet Explorer. Well you may question why on earth someone has to do that??

Well. If you have a website designed to work well on Internet Explorer and trust me there are websites of that kind or if you are a developer who wants to check how it looks and works in Internet Explorer then this can do.

One of the nice features is to set a site filter which allows you to automatically open the particular website in IETab. This is simply cool…

IETab works on Firefox 3.0 and higher. If you are still running and older version of Firefox, it is time you upgrade. No just for this add-on for general performance and security in general.

click here to install IETab Addon for Firefox.

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  1. Firefox is still my favorite browser! There are so many Plug-ins for it!

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