May 092008

McAfee Site Advisor is a security website which checks websites and rates the website if it is Secure. SiteAdvisor is been rated as one of the best sites reporting on how secure a website is.

Fortunately, there is a plugin for Firefox browser which can be installed and loads to the bottom right corner of your corner and turns Green or Red based on its security check on the website. This is of great help for users who can make sure that the website they are browsing is secure enough and should they enter any confidential information in the website they can doublecheck before doing so. Also, helpful if you ended up in Phishing websites or sites vulnerable to attacks like Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

McAfee Security Advisor

The plugin can be downloaded from here

Simply, open firefox and browse to the website and click “Download SiteAdvisor for Firefox now”, accept the Terms and Conditions and install the plugin. Once installed, restart the firefox browser and you are ready with you small little security advisor at the bottom of the browser.

McAfee Security Advisor Settings

The settings page helps you enable the advisor and to select options like alerting on site search results etc.

A great addon worth installing on your Firefox browser.

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  1. The Plug-in is actually dual browser. If you install it for ie it’ll also run for your firefox program, even if you run firefox portable

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