Mar 142008

With Firefox 3 “One-Click Site info” security feature be sure where you go on the internet is where you intend to go and not mysteriously fooled into handing your confidential information as it happens with Phishing sites.

Firefox 3 hosts many new additional security features in addition to the enhancement on the accesibility and performance. One of the features is the “One-Click” site info wherein you simply click on the favicon of the website (the small icon that appears before the website address in the address bar)

Clicking the “Favicon” will display who owns the site and says if your access is encrypted and protected from eavesdropping. This is primarily a very important security feature especially with online bankings and ecommerce.

Firefox 3 One-Click Site info

Firefox 3 by default disables access to a website that claims to be a site which it is not. In other words, if a site holds a certificate which doen’t actually belong to it then Firefox 3 disables it. The website user then have add an exception when he is for sure that this is a valid site. This is important in combating phishing attacks like the eBay or PayPal scam.

Let’s look at an example. Here, I’m visiting to

You can see Firefox blocks access because the certificate it holds is for and not the Top Level Domain (TLD).

Invalid certifcate for site being blocked

Although, this is a valid sign, the actual certificate that this holds is for and hence firefox disables access.

To allow access, click “Add Exception” and click “Get Certificate” in the popup window.


If you want to view the certificate, click “View” and check the details like the company and address details to be sure that you are adding an exception to a website that yuo beleive it really is.


On the other hand, when you visit you can see the site verifies the certificates and allows access as it is the website that it claims it is. Firefox also displays the Favicon & the company name in front of the website address. Clicking it will show the details and then tells you if it is encrypted and protected from eavesdropping attack.

Firefox 3 One-Click Site info

Is that another great reason for using Firefox browser!!! To trial Firefox 3 Beta 4 before the stable version releases, download from here

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