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I have to say this has to be one of the coolest Addons I’ve ever added to my Firefox. PDF It! is a Firefox Addon that simply saves a website as a PDF or an Image file. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

You can choose to save the full page or only visible part of the page as an image or PDF. The option to save the whole page particularly comes handy as before I started using the addon, I would be screenshoting a page multiple times to take a full screenshot. A classic need is when I try to capture my Bank statemets or big How To articles.

The Addon allows you to preset options for images like Image title, default image format (support PNG & JPG), Image filters etc. I also allows you set the PDF page sizes like A4 or Letter and allows you to split PDF pages where they are lengthier than the page size set.

pdfit pdfit-options
PDFG It! works on Firefox version 1.5 to the latest. To install PDF It! addon, open firefox browser and click here

Follow onscreen instructios to complete the installation and restart Firefox. PDF It! should now be found under Tools Menu.

PDF It! takes screen capturing to a different level! Click here to visit the project homepage.

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  1. Yes … this is one of a nice Firefox’s add-ons … and “must-have” one … but the result is a HUGE File Size with a Low Resolutions.

    GMail’s Main Webpages & PDF It ……. 227KB, while …
    GMail’s Main Webpages & PDF-Creator … 69KB

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