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Apart from being a more secure Firefox, it is always blamed to be browser which is very slow to perform and infact many have ignored Firefox for this reason. While the coming of the Firefox 3.0 should eliminate that (beta already available), it is simply useful to know the following tweak which can improve performance of Webpage access and loading speed in Firefox.

To tweak Firefox, open Firefox and type “about:config” in the address bar and press enter. This will open a host of browser configuration paramters.

Tweak 1: HTTP Pipelining

HTTP Pipelining allows the browser to send multiple connection requests out than just one at a time. This option clearly shows visible opportunirt to show improved performance.

Type “pipe” in the “Filter” bar.

Firefox HTTP Pipelining

Double-click on network.http.pipelining

This enables HTTP Pipelining.

Double-click on network.http.proxy.pipelining

This enables HTTP Pipelining with proxy enabled on the browser.

Now, increase the maximum connection requests with HTTP Pipelining. Here, I set it to “10″.

Simply double-click “network.http.pipelining.maxrequests” and enter the value as “10″

Max request in HTTP Pipelining HTTP Pipelining after change

Tweak 2: Reduce wait for Firefox before acting on a webpage

Firefox by default waits for 750ms before it acts on any website. This clearly adds up a delay of 1 sec straight away. Changing this to as low as “0″ can improve page load speed. This options is not best suited for Dial-up users though.

In the filter bar, type “nglayout” and look for “nglayout.initialpaint.delay”. If you don’t find one,

Right-click in the browser window and select New – Integer

Enter the name as “nglayout.initialpaint.delay”

Enter the value between “0″ & “750″ (I’ve used “0″ here)

 Firefox initial Delay

Now, close the browser and re-open for the changes to take effect. Browse a webpage and you should be flying and make the most of your Internet, especially Broadband connection.

If you would like a better option, then use Tweak Network Addon for Firefox.  Click here for more infomation.

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  1. Useful, complete and easy to follow.

  2. hi
    y r cmd is v.usfull thk to guid me

  3. Awesome, I had this set up before, but had to reinstall FF, so needed to re-tweak settings… found this guide through google, Its Nice & Simple to follow, & Definitely speeds up FF

  4. Very nice. I like it and will use the above advice and the tool you mentioned.

    Have fun!

  5. it is wonderful. I say heartly thank you so much.

    From Shikhar Computer Hardware & Software Company Pvt. Ltd.

  6. very nice, i always use this whenever i get a
    new laptop or new OS

    thanks :)

  7. Very helpful…night and day on the performance

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