Jan 102010

YesScript is a simple Firefox addon which allows you to blacklist websites which will effectively disable javascripts on that website with immediate effect. The addon developer has choosen the opposite path to that of NoScript.

YesScript allows you to blacklist websites and your changes take effect from their on blocking javascripts on thise websites while NoScript blocks everything and lets you choose what to allow, a typical security application function.

While NoScript is a security first convenience next stands, YesScript is a convenience only addon leaving the security back in the browsers hands. On the maintenance side, NoScript filters can be a bit tedious to add manually, YesScript lets you add simple domain and subdomain names. However, the biggest disadvantage here is that YesScript doesn’t have wildcard support in the domain name entries. Every domain or subdomain is taken as an individual entity and disabled. This is definitely developers have to take a look at.

Click here to install YesScript firefox addon. YesScript is supported on Firefox 1.5 to the latest.

YesScript to me is a simple useful addon with lots of room for development!

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  1. What no support for SRWare Iron or any Chrome browsers?
    And you deleted the comments from people asking for chrome support? You stink then

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