Dec 052008

!–adsense–>The latest version of open source word processor AbiWord adds support for Office Open XML filters, which means you can now use AbiWord to open, edit, or save OpenOffice Writer or Microsoft Word 2007 documents.

AbiWord 2.6.5 also includes a number of bug fixes and an improved LaTeX export filter. AbiWord is available for Windows or Linux. And if you don't want to install it to your PC, a generic cialis no prescription

om/apps/office/abiword_portable”>portable version which you can run from a USB flash drive is also available.

I've been using AbiWord for most of my word processing needs for ages. It's quite capable as a light weight standalone word processor. But in the past it has had problems dealing with the formatting of some imported Office documents, which is why I've always kept around as a backup. It'll be interesting to see if the new version does a better job with Office docs.


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