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AD Query allows quick and easy auditing of any user or computer object within Active Directory, and unlike the standard Users and Computers MMC, AD Query shows all schema, LDAP and Exchange mail-enabled attributes associated with the object.With AD Query, there is no need to poke around in the schema, LDAP or Exchange MMC, or use scripts to convert schema data to something humanly readable.AD Query is 3 tools in one and a total time saver for the busy System Administrator.

AD Query Features

Uses data straight from Active Directory Schema and presents all data in human-readable format
Lightning-fast query of any user or computer AD object
Shows primary SMTP email address, all email alias (proxy) addresses, password last set date, account expiration date, and more
Shows all listed SPN’s for computer / server objects, including DC’s
Completely shows all hidden Schema user / computer object attributes in a single, easy to read display and eliminates need to use multiple tools like ADSI Edit or an Exchange-enabled MMC
Read-only software. Look up Schema data without fear of breaking something
Runs on any domain-connected Windows workstation or server
Stand-alone executable – Does not require a service or complex installation
User-friendly UI, no coding or schema configuration required
Runs under credentials of logged-on user (must be local admin)
Integrated search history buffer and export of search data to xml file
FREE xml-viewer available on our website support page. View your exports in a friendly neat format
Run AD Query searches from a command prompt or call from a batch file / script
AD Query is designed for maximum compatibility with Windows 2000 / 2003 / R2 and Exchange 2000 / 2003 / 2007 and converts all ‘binary’ and ‘tick string’ values to a user-readable format!

AD Query is a 3-in-1 search and reporting tool for user and computer objects within Active Directory. It’s sole purpose is to output all real-time Schema / AD / Exchange attributes for a specified AD object in an easy-to-read screen.

AD Query looks deep within the AD Schema and reveals all object attributes; if it is there, you’ll see it. Normally, you would need to open two or three Microsoft admin tools to accomplish the same task, especially when looking for mail-enabled or Kerberos object attributes.

AD Query is invaluable for quickly reviewing an object to determine if problems exist or information is correct. All of the report view results are exportable via simple copy / paste.

Installation Requirements

Installation and use of AD Query requires the following

- Microsoft Windows XP, Server 2000 (min SP3) or Server 2003
- Microsoft Windows Active Directory 2000 or 2003 Domain
- Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1 and SP1
- Domain account with sufficient privileges to read from your Domain Controller’s AD and LDAP
- Local Administrator privileges on the computer where you will be installing AD Query (requires admin rights to install)
- Valid license key for your Active Directory domain that holds user accounts. To obtain a fee key register an account on our website.

Download AD query from here



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  1. AD Query is a great free tool, total time saver for looking up Schema and LDAP attributes on a user or computer object.

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