Jan 042009

If you’ve started using Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 in your environment, you may have noticed the new Group Policy ADMX format. This new format for Group Policy templates takes advantage of new features and capabilities.
The new ADMX format for displaying registry-based policy settings are defined using XML now, instead of the proprietary format that ADM files used. The new templates come with a lot more settings, almost 2,400 in Windows Vista, which is several hundred more than Windows XP.

ADMX Migrator, which is created and supported by FullArmor, enables you to convert ADM files to the ADMX format and take advantage of the additional capabilities that it provides. The new XML-based format includes multilanguage support, an optional centralized datastore, and version control capabilities.

You can select multiple ADM files for conversion. The ADMX Migrator creates a unique namespace which you can rename and will display a

warning if a collision is detected due to duplicate names. Also, any items that cannot be validated against the ADMX schema are preserved in an Unsupported section. Please note that any annotations in ADM files are removed during the conversion process.

Additionally, the ADMX Migrator provides an ADMX editor with a graphical user interface for creating and editing Administrative Templates. You can select settings from menus rather than entering them manually in a text file, speeding template creation and reducing the chance for error.

Download ADMX Migrator from here




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