Apr 072008

AIDA32 is one of the greatest tools that one needs to have if you are working as a support technician or infact a user who has to support technicians when they ask you too many beyond the limits questions on system info.

AIDA32 works on all Windows versions but unfortunately, there isnt a newer version as it is takenover by “lavasys” and the newer versions are commercial. Nevermind, in its current existence is as good as what you would expect from a system information tool…way too much ahead of the game against Microsofts own System information Tool.

AIDA32 - Free Windows System Reporting tool

AIDA32 can provide report on every single peace of hardware & software on your system including

System Summary

Motherboard, Memory DIMMs and Memory in DIMMs

Operating Server, processes & drivers

File Shares, logon, users and user groups

Display, Multimedia & DirectX

Storage including Disks and removable Media

I/O devices, Network

Software, Services, Configs on the system

TXT or HTML report with email option using POP3/SMTP or Outlook profiles

Easy to use and no technical knowledge necessary

To Download this free tool for Windows, click here

AIDA32 - Memoryreport

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