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If ARP is a well known protocol, the attacks it allows are often restricted to sniffing, while so many are possible.ARP traffic generation tool.

arp-sk is a tool designed to manipulate ARP tables of all kinds of equipment. This can be easily performed through the sending of the appropriate packet(s). Basically, an ARP message on an Ethernet/IP network has 7 important parameters:

Ethernet layer provides 2 addresses (src and dst)

RP layer contains the code of the message (request or reply), and the pairs (eth, ip) for both the source and the destination.

winarp-sk use Winpcap.You can freely download from here

Now you can download arp-sk from here

Using arp-sk

usage: winarp_sk.exe -m mode [-D dst_ether_addr] [-S src_ether_addr]
[-F sender_MAC] -d sender_IP [-T target_MAC]
-s target_IP [-t delay] [-c count]

Ethernet options:
-D ethernet address of destination [MAC of ARP target]
-S ethernet address of source [selected adapter MAC address]

ARP options:
-m ARP mode (request = 1 and reply = 2)
-F MAC address of sender [selected adapter MAC address]
-s IP address of sender
-T MAC address of target [MAC of ARP target]
-d IP address of target

Misc. options:
-c number of packets to send [infinity]
-t time between successive packets in ms [2000 ms]
-h help

Standalone options:
-a show ethernet address of adapter
-i show ip address
-g ip_addr : get the remote MAC address of a host


winarp_sk.exe -m 2 -s -d

WinARP Watch

WinARP Watch is a program that monitors Windows ARP cache. The ARP cache contains IP/MAC translations so that every time an IP packet are to be sent, the MAC address doesn’t have to queried through a broadcast,instead it can use the cached address.

The problem with this is that someone can send faked ARP responses, which gets stored in the cache too.Which is called ARP poisoning and that is no good for you.

So this program watches the cache and stores every new IP/MAC combination to it’s own lists. If a combination is already known, the program compares it with the cache to see if has changed.

If it has changed an icon will start to blink in the sys-tray. Clicking that icon to bring up the program to see what has happened.

This program isn’t useful/working for dial-up links since PPP doesn’t use ARP, and thus isn’t wulnerable to ARP Poisoning.

Download WinARP Watch

If you want to download WinARP Watch click here

This is GUI tool you can see sample WinARP Watch as follows (Click on the Image to Enlarge)

ARP Watch For Windows

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