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Blue Lock is an application that locks your Windows PC if a particular Bluetooth device is not detected. For example, if you register your Bluetooth mobile phone with the program but then move away from your desk, the program will detect your phone is out of range and automatically lock your system, requiring the password to be entered to reactivate the system. Full Delphi source code is provided.


Start Blue Lock, and after about half a minute a list of discovered Bluetooth devices will be displayed in the window on the right of the screen. Click on a device (you may have to wait a while as the GUI is frozen whilst the Bluetooth driver is scanning for devices – increase the timeout to increase the chances of discovering your device) and its ID and hardware address will be copied to the “Lock Device” field at the bottom of the screen. The program will now loop continuously, and if that device is not detected the system will immediately lock up. The system locking is a standard Windows API call and is perfectly safe, it’s just the same as if you locked the system with CTRL-ALT-DEL. Note that many Bluetooth devices have a long range and therefore it may still detect your device even if you are the other end of the office! I was hoping it would be possible to detect signal strength but this doesn’t seem possible


It is possible to reconfigure the default settings by editing bluelock.conf, see the comments in the file for details.

Blue Lock can also be configured to launch an external program when it locks your system, e.g. to delete those incriminating files ;-) … simply edit the property launchOnLock in bluelock.conf.

Download Blue Lock from here

Sample screenshot

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