May 152008

Automatic backup of selected files and folders in the background. Backup to local and network drives. Easy to use. Graphical interface. Written in Java. Automatic switching of languages according to operating system. Current languages supported : English, French, Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Remote backup to FTP server.

Features :

Automatic backup of files and folders
Automatic switching among three languages (English, French, Simplied Chinese or Traditional Chinese) according to OS
Written in Java and is cross platform
Simple interface
Direct file/folder copy. No need for decompression software on recovery
Option for backup of modified files only to save time
Option for backup according to source PC directory structure
Support for FTP backup (beta)
Support for SSL (beta)
Support for SFTP (beta)

Installation Instructions :

For OS other than Windows, download the file Unzip it and place it anywhere in your computer. To run Backup Easy, click on bueasy2307.jar, which is a executable jar file.

For Windows users, download the installer bueasy2307b_install.exe and run it. The installation is automatic.

Download Backup Easy from here

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