Aug 302008

Buddi is a free opensource Personal Finanace management software. Buddi is a personal finance and budgeting program requiring little or no financial knowledge.While it is simple and easy to use it still has all the required functionalities which are available on commercially available software. Buddi is Java based and hence can run on Windows, MacOSX, Linux and other OS running Java Virtual machine.
Buddi provides a simple interface with 3 tabs for Accounts, Budgets and Reports. The edit menu changes based on the tab you are in. For instance, you can find Add/modify/delete accounts options when you are in “Accounts” tab and budgetting options when you are in Budget options. You can run reports based on your transactions like incomes and expenses.

Buddi Accounts

One other feature with Buddi is that you can add third party plugins developed for Buddi to provide enhancements and addon features.

For instance, there is a nice Dashboard plugin available to display updated graphs on your finanace. To install plugins, click Edit – Preferences – Plugins. From here add the downloaded plugin file (unzip the file)

The Buddi data file can be encrypted and saved to ensure security should it end up in wrong hands.

A great simple useful software worth using!!!

Click here to download Buddi

Click here to download Buddi plugins

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