Jan 242008

CCleaner is an ultimate free software for Windows to optimise your system and ensure you absolute privacy and all that completely free. The software doesn’t introduce any Spyware or Adware onto the system.

CCLeaner is simple, fast and Secure. CCLeaner can clear all temporary Internet files, cookies, history from various browser including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera, Windows Recycle Bin, System Temporary Files, Windows prefetch data, windows update temporary files, log files, Windows Registry and much much more. For a list of detailed cleaner details, click here

CCleaner can prompt for a registry backup for future restore options. The best feature of CCLeaner is the secure delete options. You can cotrol the deleting option from being fast & unsecure to Highly secure (35 passes) but slow.

The following are the secure delete options:

Simple Overwite (1 pass)

DOD 5220.22-M (3 passes)

NSA (7 passes)

Gutmann (35 passes)

The latest version of CCleaner can be downloaded from here

The following are some of the screenshots when CCleaner is in action:

CCleaner in Action

CCleaner in Action

CCleaner in action 2

Registry Cleaner

ccleaner registry clean

Secure Delete Options

ccleaner security settings

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