Apr 102009

This tool provides an easy way to track changes to certain parts of the operating system. The tool lets support professionals better understand the modifications to users’ computers that may have caused problems. Support professionals can then suggest troubleshooting steps.

The Change Analysis Diagnostic tool is especially helpful because of the following issues:

  • Users may not be aware of recent changes to their computers.
  • Users may not understand the relevance of recent changes.
  • Users may be frustrated when support professionals ask them for detailed system information.
  • Users may be unable to provide accurate information about recent changes.
  • The user takes a long time to read computer information over the telephone.
  • The Change Analysis Diagnostic tool helps solve problems that users experience because of changes to their computers. These problems may be the result of updates, new software, or changes to hardware. These problems could lead to issues that include slow performance and crashes.

The Change Analysis Diagnostic tool scans the computer and displays recent changes to the following areas:

Software programs: The software programs that are listed in the Add or Remove Programs item in Control Panel.
Operating system components: Hotfixes and downloads from Windows Update.

Browser Helper Objects (BHOs): COM components that Internet Explorer loads when it starts. BHOs can intercept browser events, access Internet Explorer controls, create windows, and install add-ins that monitor messages and actions.

Drivers: Kernel-mode device drivers and file system drivers.

ActiveX controls: COM controls that have been downloaded by Internet Explorer or that are used in some Web pages.
Other Auto-Start Extensibility Points (ASEPs): ASEPs let programs start without action from the user. An ASEP may accept one or more ASEP hooks, each of which is associated with a program.

The tool also displays changes to loaded applications and startup objects.

Download Change Analysis Diagnostic tool for Windows XP from here

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  1. Doesn’t work on Windows XP SP3… :(
    Thanks anyway.

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