Oct 082008

 Core Configuration Console (CCC) is a menu-based batch script that makes it almost as convenient to configure Server Core as with CoreConfigurator. These are the things you can do with CCC:

  • Network configuration (IP, DNS, Reset to DHCP)
  • Display server information (see screenshot below)
  • Change current local user password
  • Licensing (install, activate, reset, rearm, display, delete)
  • Domain settings (join, disjoin)
  • Firewall configuration (disable, en-/disable TS Remote Admin Mode)
  • Regional and language-settings
  • Time-and-date-settings
  • CCC settings (register in PATH, enable autostart)
  • Set local administrator password, rename computer
  • Shutdown, reboot, logoff

CCC doesn’t have to be installed. You just have to copy ccc.bat to Server Core (C:\windows recommended) and

launch the script without parameters from the command prompt.

CCC is a nice tool, but I like CoreConfigurator more. Sometimes when you enter a menu, it is not possible to cancel the operation. I would be especially careful with menu item 5 (Quick Config). There are also a few settings that CoreConfigurator supports but CCC doesn’t: display resolution, management of local user accounts, WinRM configuration.

Download Core Configuration Console from here

To use: Download, unzip, place on USB-stick and copy it to your server. Start with CCC.bat from the directory you copied it to. Recommended directory is C:\Windows.





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