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Desktop Background Tuner allows you to change few hidden registry settings of Desktop Background feature in Windows 7 and Windows 8.


Add or remove items into “Picture Location” combobox. I w

ill call them “groups” for simplicity, ok?

Add or remove folders to “Windows Desktop Backgrounds” group in Desktop Background settings.

Add or remove folders to any other group you have added in “Picture Location” combobox.

Add personal folder or add system-wide folder to group.

You can control grouping of images. There are several setting available:

grouping by file author
grouping by file comment
grouping by date
grouping by file extension
grouping by Mime type
grouping by file name (non-localized)
grouping by file name (localized with desktop.ini)
By default grouping is set to localized folder name. Now you can change it.

Here is what you have to know about Desktop Background Tuner

The “personalization” window must be closed before you make any changes.

You need Administrator’s rights to edit groups and folders which available for all users (system-wide settings). They have icon with UAC shield.

“Delete Locations Cache” will delete your wallpapers locations history, your current wallpaper source path from registry and you current desktop slideshow cache from your user profile. This is not harmful operation for your Windows.

“Restore defaults” button returns groups into state before the first launch of Desktop Background Tuner. Use it to undo any changes you made.

Download Desktop Background Tuner

You can download Desktop Background Tuner from here


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