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DiskInternals Linux Recovery is a free Windows utility that allows to recover information contained in Linux Ext2/Ext3 partitions. The program can restore deleted and damaged data, recover a partition table, recover files if the drive is inaccessible and restore disk after a crash. It also can create a partition image that can be processed as a regular disk.

Linux Recovery is easy to use and once installaed, it takes you through a wizard to let you choose and select the Linux partitions/Disks that it picked up and then proceed to recover files from the partition. This tool should work in Windows Xp and Windows Vista.

Linux Recovery

Linux Recovery offers a Windows Explorer (“My Computer” like) window where Linux paritions are listed as “Native Linux Volume”. You can choose to create a image file to which the parition can then be mounted or you can select to restore the partition. Also, other features including enabling to boot from “Recovery CD” or recover parition table.

Linux recovery - My Computer style explorer Linux Recovery 

Linux Recovery  from DiskInternals is a freeware worth installing, if you have a dual-boot system with linux or have a hard disk with a linux parition and data on it to recover.


A great recovery tool for Linux from within Windows!!!

Linux Recovery - other utilities

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