Feb 262008

This PowerToy gives you access to system settings that are not exposed in the Windows XP/2003 default user interface, including mouse settings, Explorer settings, taskbar settings, and more.

TweakUI Features

  • General:
    • Optimize Hard Disk when idle – allows Windows to rearrange files on the hard disk to improve performance when the disk is not in use.
    • Alt+Tab – control the size of the window that appears when you press Alt+Tab.
  • Explorer:
    • Show “Encrypt” on context menu – will add to option to encrypt/decrypt file(s)/folder(s) to the right-click menu.
    • Use intuitive filename sorting – when enabled, Explorer will sort files so that, for example, File 5 comes before File 10. Disabled, Explorer will use literal sorting, in which case File 10 will come before File 5, because 1 comes before 5 (literal sorting used to be Windows default behaviour before Windows XP).
    • Use Tab to navigate AutoComplete – when enabled, you can use the Tab key to move focus to the next item in an AutoComplete list, when such a list is displayed.
    • Customizations – explorer remembers only a limited number of folder customizations, you can increase that number.
    • Slide Show – here you can set the time each picture will remain on the screen when you play a slide show in Windows Picture and Fax viewer.
  • Common Dialogs:
    • Enable AutoComplete – enable/disable AutoComplete in the “File name” edit box.
  • Taskbar and Start menu:
    • Show name on Start menu – remove or show your name at the top of the Start menu.
    • Show taskbar notification icons – here you can hide all notification icons on the taskbar.
  • My Computer:
    • Drives – show/hide drives in Explorer
    • Special Folders – relocate special Explorer folders (such as CD Burning, My Documents).
    • AutoPlay – customize AutoPlay options for drives, types, and choose/edit the “handler”.
    • Drive Letters * – select how drive letters should appear in My Computer.
  • Internet Explorer:
    • Autocorrect backslashes to slashes – typing http:\\ will be corrected to http:// when enabled.
    • Include path search in address bar – when you type a string into the Address bar, the local system will also be searched for it.
    • Small Animation and Large Animation – lets you change the spinning animation in Internet Explorer.
    • Image Toolbar – set the minimum size an image has to be before the image toolbar will appear.
  • Logon:
    • Keep RAS connections after logoff – keep active RAS connections active when logging off.
    • Screen Saver – allows you to set a “grace period”, which is the time that the screen saver will not prompt you for a password when dismissed.
  • Access Control:
    • Control various aspects of access permissions across the system and network.

* this Drive Letters section is mixed up as follows:

  • Show all drive letters before the label is in fact Show network drive letters before the label, and show local drive letters after the label
  • Show network drive letters before the label, and show local drive letters after the label is in fact Never show drive letters
  • Never show drive letters is in fact Show all drive letters before the label

Download TweakUI From here

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