Oct 012008

eM Client is a Windows based e-mail client for sending and receiving e-mails, managing calendars, contacts and tasks. It is being developed as a user friendly alternative to existing e-mail clients and Calendar solutions (MS Outlook, Thunderbird, The Bat!).

eM Client E Feature list

Features in preparation in 2008:

- Google Calendar&Contacts sync
- Integration with Facebook
- Microsoft ActiveSync support
- Tasks synchronization
- Advanced Anti-spam & Anti-spyware settings
- S/MIME security plug-in
- Integrated Anti-virus protection
- Graphic skins
- Add notes to messages + Notes interface
- To-do list interface

Features ready in 2008

- SKYPE Integration
- Integration of Instant Messaging client
- Multi-language interface
- Interface Translation tool
- Customizable widgets
- RSS widget

Features ready in 2007

- Spell checking
- Recurring tasks and events
- Windows Vista support
- Tasks interface
- Calendar synchronization with Merak Mail Server
- Contacts synchronization with Merak Mail Server
- Spam folder synchronization
- Quarantine synchronization and reports with Merak Mail Server
- U3 Flash USB disk support
- Multiple calendars with color settings
- Mail import from .EML (Thunderbird, Tha Bat!, Eudora)
- Fast Indexed search through e-mail, calendars and contacts

Features ready in 2006

- IMAP4 support both on-line and off-line
- SSL support for all protocols
- Content control allows you to apply rules to trap spam and unwanted mail
- Complete Contacts/Address book interface
- HTML/plain text mail format
- E-mail rules and filters
- Drag and drop attachments
- E-mail signatures for each account
- Requesting read receipt
- Calendar interface (Day view, Week view, Month view, List view)
- GroupDAV support
- Variable layout and adjustable interface
- Import from MS Outlook and Outlook Express (e-mail and contacts)
- Drag&drop attachments
- Automatic on-line update system
- E-mail sorting (Date, Header, Subject, Label)

Download eM Client E  from here



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