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A free utility for backup and export Windows registry keys from remote PCs, located in the local network. It allows you to export a whole registry or extract specified registry keys from remote PCs in automatic mode and save them as .re

g files. Registry export tasks can be launched on demand or by schedule and can be executed on multiple remote PCs simultaneously to let you make a centralized registry settings export and backup.

On a local PC you can have an access to registry settings through registry editor. It allows you to have a low-level access to system settings and export them to .reg file. Using registry editor you even can access to registry on a remote computer. But registry editor wasn’t designed to work with multiple remote PCs simultaneously. If you need to export registry keys from multiple PCs, you can benefit from the features of EMCO Remote Registry Exporter.

EMCO Remote Registry Exporter is a tool that was designed to work in the network environment to export registry keys from one or multiple remote PCs. It can be used it if you need to check registry data on remote PCs or backup specified registry keys. Registry keys and values are extracted by the application from remote PCs and are stored in .reg files, created for every PC, so you can use them to find required information or use later on to restore registry settings. To initiate remote registry export operation you only have to define a list of keys to export and a list of PCs where export should be performed.

EMCO Remote Registry Exporter Advantages

The application is optimized to work in large-scale networks and operate with multiple remote PCs. In particular, it allows you to export registry data from any number of network PCs with just a single click. You can also benefit from other features, which are listed below.
Reusable Export Tasks

If you plan to repeat export operation with same parameters multiple times, you can create a task with preconfigured set of registry keys to export, and a list of PCs, where operation should be executed. Once task is created, you can launch it immediately anytime, because it already includes all required options.

Running Export Tasks on Schedule

Application allows you to launch export operations on demand or schedule them for automatic execution. You can configure export task for one-time execution at a defined date and time or for recurrent execution according with defined date and time conditions. Scheduled tasks can be managed through advanced Outlook-style UI.
Workgroups and Domains Support

Application is ready to work in work in domain, workgroup and mixed network environment, including complicated enterprise configurations. All network requests are optimized to guarantee a high performance of export operations and low network workload. Advanced log information helps to troubleshoot network configuration issues.

Using Alternate Credentials

You can export registry keys from multiple network PCs, even if they have different administrative accounts. It is possible to configure different credentials in the application to be used for connection to registry on different PCs and group of computers. This feature can be used to connect PCs both in workgroups and domains.

Download EMCO Remote Registry Exporter

You can download EMCO Remote Registry Exporter from here


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