Oct 072008

For years, PC World and others have called Evolution the Outlook killer of the Linux world. We are now very proud to be able to provide this great piece of software to the Windows users of the world. We hope that it will aid them with communicating with MS Exchange without having to pay massive licensing fees for simply having the pleasure of doing so.

Evolution Features

  • Intelligent Junk Mail Control
  • Search Folders
  • Integrated Security
  • User-Defined Filters
  • Share vCards
  • To-Do List
  • Web Calendars
  • Collaboration Server Support
  • Microsoft Exchange Support

Download Evolution for windows from here




  27 Responses to “Evolution – Free Email Client with MS Exchange support for windows”

  1. Hi,

    Tried configuring Evolution on windows.
    It just grays out the forward botton while installing.
    So nothing comes up any suggestion on this!!??


  2. Evolution crashes my windows XP. It’s a shame because it works fine on my Ubuntu desktop.
    Hope for a more stable release

  3. I installed Evolution twice on 2 different computers with XP and in neither case will it open. Once I got to put in my information, but when I click to open it I get a very brief black screen and then nothing! Not very impressed.

  4. Windows install version above did not give me the option to connect to exchannge!

  5. I installed Evolution 2.22.2-4 on my Windows XP SP3 machine. It takes up to 2 min to load and it crashes randomly. I re-installed it about 3 times wondering if I missed something but no go. It looks like Windows does not like it very much. I guess it’s back to MS-Outlook until they fix it (Evolution).
    Right now it sucks big time.

  6. I just installed the windows evolution client (2.24.2) and there is no option available for Exchange server support. Is this for real? I use the Linux version on my Dell mini w/ Ubuntu and it is unbelievable! I’m a network administrator for a medium sized business and was clicking my heels having read about a windows client with Exchange support. Please tell me that Exchange support is included?!

  7. I have the same problem. Version 2.24 installs and runs but has no exchange support. Version 2.28 crashes on startup.

    Works great on Linux but I really need it to work on xp.

  8. I installed Evolution version 2.6.2-5 on windows xp with SP3 and it does not run. Just a black command does screen for a second then noting. Sham as I like it running on my linux PC. I it running on earlier versions of Windows but not sure if SP3 is the problem?

  9. I installed Evolution version 2.6.2-5 on windows XP with SP3 and it runs just fine. It takes about a minute to load, but that’s ok. I have it sync’ing via imap to my gmail account. I am able to send and receive – no problem.

  10. i have install the latest version of Evolution 2.26.2-2 Windows Installer, and it installed with out a problem then on first run it crashed with and evolution-outlook-store.exe error and now wont even load.
    reinstalled it on 3 different machines, i hope they fix this next release, the one time it loaded it looked like a perfect replacement for Outlook..

  11. I also failed to run it on Windows XP sp3, although it seems perfect on my Kubuntu. I reinstalled several times (V. 2.26), but to no avail. Too bad!

  12. I use Windows 7 and tries to connect to an Exchange server.

    I installed 2.26.2-2 and managed to configure it so it showed my Inbox …. but it hung and crashed in different intervals. Now I installed 2.28.1 and it does not even start.
    Task manager shows Evolution 50% CPU … but i never see a GUI ?

    When running 2.26.2-2 there was some Exchange-services running – but now there is only Evolution :-\

  13. My version 2.28.1 on Vista.
    Crashes from time to time, I never know when. Connection to exchange is not possible. At the moment I am trying to remove it but I do not know if it is even possible (Windows is configuring it, “gathering required information” as it says for over an hour now, and has not gathered even a half yet:/)

    I have read somewhere that to have the “exchange” working one needs a separate package installed, but there is no sign for a windows installation file.

    I’ll probably switch to some other client which does not work soooo slooowly…

  14. Im trying to configure evolution for exchange server and used all possible combinations of server url name/password and it doesnt conenct. Either it hangs and nothing happens for ever :(

  15. Installed Evolution 2.28 on XP SP3. Does NOT work. It’s a shame it works great in Ubuntu and would love using it as my default email in windows. I like the way it can use contacts and calendar from gmail it is GREAT!!

  16. This ist the email client i’ve been looking for. very great software! Now I can control all my emails for Factoring

  17. i hav installed evolution 2.28 version on xp sp-2 but not errors occured each time when i opens it

  18. Installed on Vista but could not connect to Exchange. Software just hangs during install. Too bad as I wanted to move the whole company off of Outlook.

  19. it always crashes… first this thing will crash evolution-outlook-store.exe… then the whole client will crash … please have a stable release… i really looking forward in using this client

  20. I also installed latest version on windows xp. Did it twice with fresh download both times just in case and as above it opens briefly then hangs. I am trying to get rid of MS but need an exchange compatible email client to go with open office.

  21. Installed latest version on May 3 2010

    Appeared to install without a glitch then the troubles started .
    Crashed thunderbird when we went back to it
    hobbled opera and just hung even after reboots and leaving it sitting silently (although showed connected ) Nothing !
    However it did send mails although no one would know it from the GUI ?
    We dont even need an exchange compatible client just evolution that works under windows -even hapy to pay /donate for a working version

  22. Something tells me that they have NO PLANS on fixing this. I see comments all the way back to 2008! Sad.. I too was excited about Evolution on a Windows based platform.

    It may be that DIP LLC may not have the time.

  23. Tried to get it to work with exchange but just hangs everytime when trying to connect.

    Would be brilliant if this could be fixed!!

  24. Just loaded ubunto 10.4 and Evolution came native to the install. I think this is GREAT freeware but still some of the kinks need to be worked out. Evolution for one needs a simple, readily available, way to configure the port. In connections that require a secure (SSL) connection typically require a port setting (yahoo, msn, etc). I’ve been looking for days now to find the port configuration and no luck. Granted I need to do more research but it really should be more user friendly. The help utility hasn’t “helped” much. GREAT JOB guys…you’re ALMOST there!!!!!

  25. I tried evaluation on windows 7 with ms exchange 2007 but it didn’t work. I am hopeful new release of evaluation will be as good as outlook 2007, I am using open office which is quite good in release 3.2.1 and looking for a mail client compatible with MS Exchange 2K7

  26. So, is there going to be a version that ever works on Windows? I can’t seem to find any any answers to the questions that are asked about the non-working windows versions either. This could be such an awesome program!

  27. I tried this on Vista, immediately decided it wasn’t very interesting. What WAS interesting was uninstalling it with Revo – over 4,000 (four THOUSAND) registry entries and over 19,000 (nineteen THOUSAND) leftover files. Then, UniBlue Registry Booster found a further 1,000+ registry errors associated with the program. Even Adobe isn’t that obnoxious.

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