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Secure destruction of data like personal details, banking information, confidential company information or critical customer data when they are no longer required is very important to information security for the simple reason that they can always be recovered in many ways from the hard disk. This is even more important when you sell or throw away your old PCs. Simply deleting the files from the PC doesn’t really remove the files for good. They can always be recovered.

FileShredder just protects you from that. File Shredder is an opensource free file secure destruction software for permanent removal of critical confidential files from the hard disk. With File Shredder you can remove files from your hard drive without fear they could be recovered. File Shredder has been developed as fast, safe and reliable tool to shred company files.

FileShredder has five different shredding algorithms each one step stronger than the other. The more secure the algorithm is choosen, the longer the time it takes to shred the files and folders.

The five shredding algorithms are

Simple One Pass

Simple Two Pass

DoD 5220-22.M

Secure Erasing Algorithm with 7 passing

Guttman Algorithm 35 passes (strongest secure destruction)

Any of the above can be choosen from the “Shredder Settings”

FileShredder Settings

File Shredder also has a feature with which you can shred the free unused disk space on the hard disk.

FileShredder free disk space erase

Installation is easy, download and run the EXE ands accept the defaults. Upon successful installation, you can launch File Shredder.

File Shredder

For more information and download, click here

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  6 Responses to “File Shredder – Free Opensource software for Secure Permanent File Destruction”

  1. its good

  2. I used File Shredder to shred free disk space and I now keep getting the following message:
    “Life Update Warning!
    There is not enough disk space to install all available updates”

    This message is in error because I have over 400 Gigs of free space. Does this have something to do with File Shredder replacing all free space with some other value? How do I correct the message?

    Any help you can give will be appreciated.
    Thank you.

  3. The fileshredder image is hiding the download link.
    Please solve the problem and allow to download the program.

  4. Frequently, programs (especially older ones) limit the size of the variable used to calculate free disk space. When this happens, and your disk space is too much, the higher end byte gets truncated, and because the rest of the variable is lower than what is necessary, you get a fake error of “insufficent disk space” (this happened with Microsoft Office years ago).

    One solution might be to copy folders that contain as much data as possible to temporary files until you reduce your available disk space to a smaller number, such as 120 GB.

  5. does this software work on Windows 7?
    Thank you

  6. This file shredding software does not appear to actually be free or open source. The page linked to does not supply a source archive link, and nowhere does it mention being free or open source.

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