Jan 222010

When you run XMing on your Windows PC with multiple monitors, you may have problems with displaying the XWindow on both the screens. In other words, you may find a XWindow displaying in one monitor while being just blank on the 2nd monitor. This is a bit annoying when you need to move around the XWindow on multiple monitors.

To resolve this problem, set the total screen size on the command line for XMing.

For instance, I use two monitors of screen resolution 1280×1024 where 1280 is the screen width and height being 1024. So, for the dual monitor to get working, I should set the screen width as 2560 (1280 x 2) x 1024 on the command line as follows:

xming.exe :0 -ac -clipboard -multiwindow -screen 0 2560×1024


-ac : forces the use of Access Control List
-multiwindow: starts xming in Multi window mode
-clipboard: allows access to the system cipboard
-screen 0 2560×1024 : sets the screen 0 size to 2560×1024

If you are using the desktop or startmenu shortcut then edit it by right-click and properties and add the “-screen 0 2560×1024″ to the end of the command line. Stop and restart Xming with the new command line options. This should do.

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  1. Providing Xming with the -multimonitors option worked for me.

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