Aug 102008

Just came across this great fantastic, next generation web browser and have to say with a touch of artistic effects powered by Mozilla. It’s Flock.  Flock is more than a web browser and some of the features include

Supported webservices like GMail, Facebook, Digg, Flickr, YahooMail and more (click here for more info)

Social Networking, Photo Sharing, Blogging, Online Media and News feeds just a click away.

allows, access sharing and all on the online social media by configuring the account before hand.

Flock is supported on Windows, Linux and Mac.

More than words, worth experiencing yourself.

Click here to download Flock browser for your PC.

 Flock Internet Browser

  One Response to “Flock Internet browser with Social Networking, Online media, News & more”

  1. Yeah, it’s really a nice piece of software. Of course you can do pretty much the same with Fx using extensions, but extra built-in functionality is always welcomed, since it usually means that everything has been thoroughly tested.

    @Winsockfix: btw, why don’t you try Flock 2.0 Beta. It adds all the Fx 3′s improvements in Flock.

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