Oct 262010

When you hear the name Comodo, security Antivirus and Firewall are the things that comes to ones mind but yes they do offer Online backup solutions and as a by-product I think they have given a free version of a fully functional Backup software for Windows. Comodo backup software works in Windos 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP (haven’t checked the earlier versions).

The backup software is truly fully featured and very easy to understand for any user with any expertise level. Tne GUI compliments the simplicity of the software by making the backup options quite obvious for the users.
Some of the highlighting features include,
  • Support backups to Disk, CD/DVDs (splitting files to fit the media size), Network storage, FTP or email
  • Support backups to a single Backup file (and self-extracting), ISO, ZIP, Sync copy and simple copy.
  • Mount options for ISO and Comodo backup file format as a seperate drive
  • Encryption of the backup data
  • Backup disk, MBR, Partition, Registry, Files, User profiles, Email, IM conversations and system state
  • Password protection of settings and the export config settings.
  • Full, Incremental and Differential Backups
  • Macros support to format the backup file names
  • Schedule manager with great flexibility on missed backup sessions
  • Default backup templates good enough for any user to start using out of the box
  • Customize various backup job to ones needs
The feature that impressed me the most is the fact that you can mount your backup file (comodo backup format) and the ISO backup as a seperate drive and choose the file you want to restore. You can choose the from within the software GUI or from the explorer window. This to me is feature in a different league.
The various different options on the type of the backup format, or the restore options are hidden under the advanced mode meaning a simple user wouldn’t be presented with options he wouldn’t be able to understand. But, the same time presenting what anyone can understand and good enough to backup and restore critical data is real good.
Given the big I/O on the disks and not an unreasonable amount of system memory and cpu used to perform the backups, the system was fairly stable to use while the backups happened. You may choose the backup time or set at boot or when the system is less used. This compliments the light weight nature of the software.
When I ventured into getting my Windows 7 backup feature setup, it was tedious and difficult and it happened for good as I found Comodo to be a useful software which Microsoft could have easily incorporated into its native OS.
Overall a great backup software with no room for any complaints.
Click here to visit and download Comodo backup software and if interested in the Online backup option, you will find more details.

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  1. Comodo sounds good, but I can’t install it on my XP Pro SP3 computer. Tried 4 times – 3 separate DLs – and setup aborted each time. Anyone have a fix for this problem?


  2. Hi, I tried this, and other backup software. This is the most reliable free backup software that I’ve tried. Good job!

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