Dec 172008

After a 3 week long holiday and a near 2 week recovery period ;-), its time to come back to the world of windows.

If you are looking for a free alternative for Microsoft Office Suite and not wanting to go for the most famous alternative for the known reasons of being slow and bloated then its time to turn up to Go-oo. Go-oo is a free cross-platform Office suite created by Novell as a variant of the opensource Office suite from Sun Microsystems.

As I said earlier, Go-oo takes the bloat out of and adds features and enhancements which are either not available yet on the mainstream OpenOffice or is only available as an extension. Go-oo is light-weght and easy to use and if you already are a OpenOffice user then there needs to explaining or introduction to Go-oo.

Some of the interesting features on Go-oo include

Built-in SVG supportcanadian pharmacy cialis online


Rich fields support which provides powerful interoperable fields implementation with nesting, infield editing, multiple fonts etc

Enhance Calc solver

Improved Excel operability and VBA support

UNO automation with Mono development tool

Chinese language rendering with Text Grid rendering

Improved EMF+ rendering

Support for Ms Works files

Import Word Perfect Graphics

Go-oo office suite

Download the Go-oo Windows installer from here

Also, you may choose to install your Language pack (if required).


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  1. For a non-techie, the instuctions for downloading and setting up Go-OO are a little confusing. Step-by-step instructions, keeping in mind the average user, would be better.

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