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Ftpdmin is a minimal Windows FTP server. FTP does not require an “install”. It is intended to be run temporarily, on an as-needed basis basis to do file transfers between Windows computers without going thru the trouble of trying to configure windows file sharing or an FTP server. Also useful for Windows to Linux if the Linux computer doesn’t happen to have an FTP server already set up and configured.

Ftpdmin is not intended as an internet FTP server, or even intended to be left running. Rather, Ftpdmin is started from the command line so that another computer can connect to it via FTP, typically over a LAN. When the file transfers are done, stop Ftpdmin. No ‘installation’ is necessary to use it.

Ftpdmin has no notion of security or even passwords. Rather, once it is running, everyone can connect to it. The only resemblance of security is the -g option (get only, disallows put), and the ability to specify a directory that ftpdmin shall consider the root directory.


Ftpdmin has been tested on Windows 98, 2000 and XP. It has been tested to work with various FTP clients, including the basic command line ftp client included with Windows, ncftp, and various Unix FTP clients. Ftpdmin has also been tested against various GUI FTP clients, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla, gFtp (Linux), Konqueror (Linux), and Safari (Mac).

It may be necessary to configure or disable the firewall when running ftpdmin on XP with service pack 2.

How to use ftpdmin

In order to use ftpdmin, you must have a LAN connection between the two computers. It should be possible to ping either computer from the other.

On one of your computers, run ftpdmin.exe. On starting, ftpdmin will display which address it is listening on. You can now FTP this computer from another computer. You can use any FTP program you like, including the ones included with Windows. if you don’t know how to use FTP, you can use explorer. Simply type the address that ftpdmin displays into your browser – such as “″

When you are done transferring files, remember to stop ftpdmin.

Ftpdmin command line options

ftpdmin [options] [root_dir]

-p <port> Specifies the control port. By default, it is 21, and 2100 if port 21 cannot be opened. If ports other than 21 are used, it is necessary to tell the ftp program accessing ftpdmin which port to use. This can be done from Internet explorer by typing “″ into the URL field, for example.

-tp <port> Specifies transfer port or port range. This option is useful if you have to open ports in a firewall to allow ftpdmin to be accessed. Port range is specified as – (example: 100-109)

-ha <addr> Specifies the IP address thru which ftpdmin is to be reachable. This option only applicable when running ftpdmin behind a NAT firewall. Ip address must be in the form such as

-g Specify ‘get only’. Disallows uploads

root_dir Specifies root directory, such as “c:\My Photos”. This directory shall be considered the root directory for FTP. It will not be possible for the accessing FTP program to cd up from this directory

Download ftpdmin from here

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