Mar 062008

The Personal Name and Address Book (NAB) Import/Export Utility from the IBM Lotus Sandbox lets you import and export contact data between Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook. The tool is designed for users, not developers. The export feature lets you export your current Personal NAB from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Access. The import feature lets you import your Microsoft Outlook Contacts into Lotus Notes Personal NAB. Finally, the Resort PNAB feature lets you set the sort order of your Personal NAB entries.

The application requires Notes 5 or 6 and Microsoft Office (the author of the tool says it’s been tested with Office 2000 and XP). For the ACL, you’ll need at least depositor access. For Microsoft Outlook, you must also create an Outlook profile; the application will choose the default profile. Because the application was written using Microsoft Outlook API, if you set Outlook to pick the profile on launch, it will do the same.

Download .NTF file here

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