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GRC is a software for the gmail users which allow to command their pc in remote way, sending only an email to your Gmail account (from whichever computer or hand phone).

At this moment, GRC  works in Windows Vista/XP  and your remote Window Vista/XP machine has to be connected to the Internet at all time.

First you need to download GRC from here  and MSINET.ocx file from here


Download both files from here

After downloading Extract the and double click on the program. It will show an error message that MSINET.ocx file is not found. Now, copy the MSINET.ocx file that you have downloaded to C:/Windows/System32.

Now try to run the GRC again. A small window similar to the following screen will pop up


The predefined tag is [open] and [/open]. If you want to change it, click on Setting (You can’t access the Setting when you are logged in) and change the configuration to what you desire.


Login to your gmail account. GRC will now access your Gmail account every 60secs to check for new instructions.

To remote control your PC, you can send an empty email to your Gmail account with the following subject:

To open a file:

[open]C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Desktop\windows.jpg[/open]

To open an application (such as Microsoft Word,calc)

[open]C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\winword.exe[/open]


In this example it will execute the famous calculator. The path within the tags [open] and [/open], specify the application to execute.

To open a webpage


To shutdown the computer

shutdown or [open]shutdown[/open]

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  4 Responses to “Howto Remote Control your Computer (Vista/XP) With Gmail Remote Command (GRC)”

  1. Hello works on windows vista ???

  2. @ergoz

    Yes it can support vista

  3. Nice, now people will randomly spam shutdown in the subject line to gmail accounts :D

  4. You didnot mention whose system can be shutdown, and how connection can be made between two systems, I didnot get the point, if i send email to Gmail account then whose system will shutdown?

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