Jul 022008

You don’t work with Hyper-V This might change soon. Then you probably would like to have Hyper-V Monitor, a tiny gadget for the Vista sidebar. It displays the status of all your Hyper-V virtual machines. It supports multiple Hyper-V servers and you can also use it to connect to a virtual machine.

For this, you have to install the Hyper-V Manager for Vista SP1 first . Then you have to tell Hyper-V monitor where VMConnect.exe is located. Usually, it is under C:\Programs\Hyper-V. Note that only a double click on a virtual machine will establish a connection. I first tried it with a single click because the mouse pointer changes to a finger when you move over the VM.

It also seems to me that the tool is a bit buggy. I got a couple of script errors while configuring it. But once everything was configured it worked flawlessly.

Download Hyper-V Monitor Gadget from here



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