Mar 262008

ID-Blaster Plus is yet another great free tool for Windows from JavaCool Software that constantly changes frequently the various unique IDs on your system like GUID and various ID numbers destroying tracking tactics using these numbers. ID-Blaster runs from the system tray, using very little resources, and constantly protect you in the background.

In Windows, many applications have something called a “product ID number”, a “GUID” or a “Unique ID number”. This number may be the same throughout Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player – even the operating system itself.

Since this number nevers changes, it would be the PERFECT way a malicious person or even an advertising company could track your habits – perhaps through a malicious website ActiveX control, or Java applet.

In this case, you would have a constant ID of nothing – and given the small number of people that might also have that “null” value, it could still be used to track you.

One important note of warning about Windows Product keys. make a note of the product IDs as they are required for future Service Pack installations as ID-Blaster Plus randomises them as well. Or even creating a System Restore Point is advised as you dont want to compromise your system for Security which would look like shooting on your own leg for the sake of security.

For more information and download, click here

ID Blaster Plus for Windows

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