Apr 162008

“Index Dat Spy” is one of the simplest yet coolest tools that one can find for free on the Internet. As the name specifies, “Index Dat Spy” lets you search for the Index.Dat fileson your computer and open any of the found index.Dat files and check what’s been stored in there by Windows. Also, lets you check the properties like website details of every individual entries.

Index.dat file holds quite a lot of personal private and confidential data that you would certainly not want to have them in those internet files.

Search Cookies - Index DAT Spy

Index DAT Spy - View DAT file

While it doesn’t help you to clear the index.dat files of your computer which would have been a great feature, it still lets you to get a great insight and a knowledge whats out there in the wild.

“Index Dat Spy” is free and can be downloaded here. Installation is standard wizard driven and no complex.

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  2 Responses to “Index DAT Spy – Free index.dat search&view utility”

  1. I have a computer that I’d like to obtain the index.dat file from so that I can read and restore the deleted browsing history from. I can’t download the software on that computer so I’d like to know if it’s possible to copy the index.dat file onto a flash drive from that computer, and read the index.dat file fromt he flash drive into the installed software (like index dat spy) that’s on another computer.

  2. Index DAT Spy used to have a ‘delete on restart’ option. I see it there but it doesn’t seem to do it. I deleted and reloaded but still no go. Is it there only in words, so to speak ? Thanks

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