Feb 092008

Front-end for Microsoft’s command line ClearMem ( Windows XP ) and FreeMem ( Windows Vista ), which force pages out of physical memory and reduce the size of running processes’ working sets, to a minimum.

Real-time free memory indicator included.

Real-time current memory details of your system are available any time.

Instant Memory Cleaner is more effective with Windows XP and if you want better results, the paging file of your System must be at least as large as the system’s physical memory.

Download Instant Memory Cleaner From Here

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  One Response to “Instant Memory Cleaner For Vista/XP”


    Clearmem is a command line tool from Microsoft. It is a tool for programmers who understand Windows memory management, which apparently the author does not. It essentially forces memory that is doing something useful out of work and into unemployment. This is not good. When the contents of this memory is later needed Windows must waste valuable time in reloading it from disk. It should have been left there. Free memory is the ultimate in wasted memory.

    Memory management in XP and Vista is top notch and needs no help from uninformed meddling.

    Larry Miller
    Microsoft MCSA

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