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Internet Junk Buster is a free Opensource Non-Caching proxy for personal use on your PC or server system for company networks or even ISPs. Internet Junk buster is a privacy-enhancing proxy that blocks ads and banners that you wish you never want to see on websites. Blocking these ADs and banners on the website diretly improves the performance on the access to the site.

While designed primarily for Linux and UNIX environments, there is a seperate installer package available for Windows. This can run on Windows XP,2000 and earlier versions (should work on Windows 2003 but not tested)

Installing and configuring Internet Junk Buster is just a few steps and once installed and started, it runs as a DOS command and listens on port 8000. all you then need to do is to change the proxy settings on your browser. I’ve added a procedure here on this post for polipo web proxy. Simply replace the port from 8123 to port 8000

To install Internet Junk Buster simply download the ZIP file from here and unzip to a location say C:\ so the utility will be in C:\Ij20\

Now, Internet Junk Buster is ready to run. Simply open the folder and run junkbstr.exe. This starts Internet Junk Buster and starts listening on Port 8000.

Internet Junk Buster

Check if you are able to access websites to confirm if Internet Junk Buster is working.

Access to check the running config and the Block & Cookies file. These two would need altering as you need to fine tune your Internet Junk Buster to work as per your need.

Internet Junk Buster config

That should get it up and running. Add a shortcut to the Startup folder on your system to start when Windows starts. The startup folder is here

C:\Documents and Settings\user\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Also, you can hide the DOS console that stays on the taskbar by editing the “junkbstr.ini” file in the ijb20 folder and uncomment the line “hide-console

For more information and some nice documentation and FAQs, click here

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