Jul 092008

Have you ever envied a Linux or Unix user when they use multiple desktop environments? Atleast i did at times until came across the Vista/XP Virtual Desktop Manager for Windows Vista & Windows XP. One of Vista’s most talked-about new features is the Desktop Window Manager (DWM). The Virtual Desktop Manager use a set of thumbnail API’s that can be used to access thumbnails of open windows to provide a powerful virtual desktop manager with a full screen thumbnail based preview. You can have as many desktops as you want and can seamlessly switch between them.

Features include

Full screen desktop/window manager/preview with full drag and drop managing
Desktop switch indicator
An infinite number of desktops
Watch the windows move in real time as you drag them around in the window manager
Multiple monitor support
Window menus
Tray icons for each desktop
Per-desktop backgrounds
Configurable colors, fade speeds, hotkeys, etc.

Download Vista/XP Virtual Desktop Managere here.
Virtual Desktop Manager

Vista/XP Virtual Desktop Manager

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