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Me.dium is an add-on for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Flock Web browsers that allows you to peek behind the curtain of the web. After you install it, a Me.dium “map” appears in the left pane of the browser. The map displays an icon representing you and the website you are viewing, along with icons of other Me.dium users who are visiting the same site.

Users you’ve added to your Me.dium friends list show up as yellow, and others show up as blue. Surrounding your icon are icons representing related sites that you or other Me.dium users have visited. For example, if you’re at a news site, Me.dium will show you other news sites; if you are at a bank’s website it will suggest other banking and financial sites. You can click an icon to go directly to that site.

It’s great fun to watch all of the activity revealed by Me.dium. Not only can you watch other Me.dium users as you and they move from site to site, you can also start a chat that every Me.dium user at the site can view and participate in. If a Me.dium user is on your friends list, you can begin instant messaging privately. Every message that you send includes a link to the site that you are currently viewing.

Please go through the privacy information available on the website for more information on whats been shared on the Internet with Me.dium.

A great addon for social networkers!!!

To download the addon, click here

me.dium addon for Internet Explorer, Firefox & Flock

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  1. Thanks for the great review. I am part of the community team at Me.dium and if you have any questions, critiques, or further comments please email me at Also, thanks for posting a link to a download page, we really appreciate it. Great piece!

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