Jan 062010

Microsoft Math is a software from Microsoft to help solve Mathemetical & Science problems quickly and easily. Microsoft math Add-In for Word 2007 is a free addin of the Microsoft Math software which allows you to do the following in Word 2007.

Plot a function, equation, or inequality in 2-D or 3-D
Solve an equation or inequality
Calculate a numerical result
Simplify an algebraic expression

This addin can be of great help for Students, Teachers and those researchers.

For more information on Microsoft Math, click here. Once installed, the addin can be found under “Insert – Equation” or directly under Add-Ins tab.

When you have a equation, you can then click on the Math icon and choose to solve for any of the variables or to plot a 3D diagram to visualize.

Click here to download the Microsoft Math Addin. This addin requires Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0

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